PL/SQL is a high-performance, highly integrated database language which is hosted inside an Oracle execution environment. Oracle server PL/SQL stored procedures bundled in PL/SQL packages can resolve almost any task of data processing for the company.

In particularly, PL/SQL packages can be used for:

    - Oracle Internal data processing & transformations combining all features of Oracle SQL and the language procedural capabilities.

    - Extended data consistency support which can not be implemented through the database constraints.

    - External (files and other databases) data processing.

     - Scheduling and control of data processing tasks

    - Interface with large objects and SecureFile LOBs.

    - Interface with external C and Java applications.

Oracle Server PL/SQL Design and Development

We offer expert level and the best practices of Oracle Server PL/SQL design & development:

   - Separation of application logic implementation through multi-packages design approach.

   - Flexible, robust and self-documented code driven by meta-rule based approach.

   - Extensive use of  PL/SQL collections, bulk processing and dynamic PL/SQL.

   - PL/SQL code tuning with PL/SQL hierarchical profiler and DBMS_TRACE package

   - PL/SQL function result cache.

Oracle Database



PL/SQL Packages

Encapsulation of application business logic inside persistent modules

like PL/SQL packages brings a lot of advantages, in particularly: