Igor Vakar, company director

Database server-side PL/SQL design and development

Many years experience of Oracle PL/SQL complex server side development and support (PL/SQL package, storage procedure, complex data types, Oracle Streams, BLOB, etc.). Java Oracle server procedures. Metadata driven approach. High performance code and adaptive design. Oracle CDC/Streams experience.

High quality database modelling and model implementation

Solid experience and in-depth knowledge in database logical and physical design (data consistency, data integrity, data optimisation) for OLTP and OLAP systems: relational and dimension modelling using 3NF & BCNF, "star"/"snowflake" schema design techniques.

Integrated database performance tuning

Finding multi-factors performance problems caused by data model,  SQL, server procedures, or/and Oracle instance . Application tailored performance tuning on the instance and SQL levels using Oracle tools like OEM and Advisors, Plan Baselines, SQL Trace/TKProf, PL/SQL Tracing and Hierarchical Profiler.

Data cleansing and migration

Detection/correction of inaccurate housed data in accordance with business rules. Data harmonisation and standardisation. Removing data anomalies and contradictions. Cleansing/binding transactional data against reference data. Eliminating data duplication. Fixing data incompleteness with the source of data.