Oracle Based ETL Design and Implementation

Generally, extract, transform, and load data process (ETL) is a process to pull data out of computer data storage like database, file, queue, WEB service (source) and place it into another data storage like mainly database (target).

The ETL process can target:

       -   Data warehouse, ETL facilitates populating, reporting and analysis;

       -   New version of source database(s) (data migration);

       -   Another application database(s) (interface);

       -   Central database (data consolidation), moving data from remote locations;

We design, develop and deliver the process which includes:

        -   Data extraction

       -   Enforcing data quality and consistency standard

       -   Conforming data from disparate sources

       -   Load data into target

We add value to your data by:

       -   Removing mistakes and corrects data

       -   Documented measures of confidence in data

       -   Adjusting data from multiple sources to be used together

       -   Structuring data to be usable by BI tools

We help to get more value from your data quickly without massive infrastructure expense or years of project investment.