Custom software is precisely tailored for your business needs. To produce custom database applications we use our original concept of Database Application Development Life Cycle (DADLC) which is evolved from well-known Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Database Life Cycle (DBLC) approaches.

DADLC based on the idea that database applications, especially in small and medium projects, essentially differ from other software applications. For example, they can process data entirely (or quasi-entirely) within the database environment, functional and business data requirement analysis are intertwined and sometimes overlaid with the database design, the database can control application running and schedule, etc.

Project scope, target(s), schedule, cost, responsibilities, business requirements statement

Deployment and Maintenance

Application Testing

Application Development

Functional and Data Architecture Design

High Level Design/Analysis

Planning and Requirement Analysis

Physical Data Model Generation; PL/SQL packages coding; Other program units coding; Data Flow control generation/setting

Initial Reference Data Loading; Preliminary performance tuning;

Moving to Production environment; Performance tuning on real data; Software Patches

Moving to UAT environment; Backlogs; Fixed structures and program units; Performance tuning on quasi-real data;

Data flow, reference data/dimensions, data interfaces/ETL Design

Conceptual Data Model + Data Dictionary including Data Constraints

Logical Data Model; Data Flow Model; Reference Data Control

Server Packages Design

Database Application Development Life Cycle