Data Cleansing and Massive Data Loading

Generally, you have a problem if the data doesn’t mean what you think it does. Data cleansing improves the data quality and can be performed through ETL operations or directly in the database at the client choice. The job is provided whether as a single job or as a part of an initial data loading within a client application development scope. Some offered solutions are:

-  Data analysis and verification on documented data domains

-  Deep data investigation and fixing using Advanced SQL and PL/SQL

-  Data standardization of content and formats

-  Design and applying static database constraints to the data

-  Development dynamic data constraints based on stored database procedures

-  Data cleansing "on the fly" along with load operations reducing time and the database resource consumption.

Massive data loading into a database due a high resource consumption can put the database down and/or cause inappropriate the operation time breaking down the database applications.

We fix any problems around a large volume data load into an Oracle database using various practices and their combinations, in particularly:

-  Data partitioning and parallel processing

-  Oracle direct-path load method

-  Tablespace transportation and partition exchange loading

-  Temporary table design changes (indexes, constraints, space management)

-  Customised Oracle external tables

-  Oracle instance tuning focused on intensive and massive data loading

-  Usage of incremental statistics for the table