Application and Complex SQL Performance Tuning

Not only does poor performance jeopardize the acceptance of an application, it usually leads to a lower return on investment because of lower productivity of those using it.

We help you to diagnose the reasons of Oracle database applications performance problems you are facing. The issues can be caused by lack of logical database design, generic tables implementation, not using constraints to enforce data integrity, lack of physical database design, wrong data types, poor SQL design & PL/SQL coding, stale statistics, and instance parameters.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

-  Database logical and physical design investigation

-  SQL& PL/SQL code tuning and the best-practice advice

-  Database set-up and configuration

Oracle is a highly-instrumented database and we know where to look to get exactly where performance problems are coming from. In most situations, it’s enough to know and take advantage of a limited number of core features in order to use Oracle database efficiently and successfully. We identify and fix the performance problems using the Oracle tools like:

AWR and ADDM reporting

Dynamic Performance Views



SQL Tracing and TKPROF

PL/SQL hierarchical profiler (DBMS_HPROF)

We have in-depth expertise in Oracle database performance turning  !

-- Define AWR snapshots

BEGIN dbms_workload_repository.create_snapshot; END;

SELECT * FROM dba_hist_snapshot;

-- 1. Run ADDM in Database mode to analyze all instances


  v_task_name VARCHAr2(50) := 'Good Sunday 4';


 DBMS_ADDM.ANALYZE_DB (task_name => v_task_name

                      ,begin_snapshot => 1850

                      ,end_snapshot => 1852);


-- Displaying an ADDM Report

SELECT dbms_addm.get_report('Good Sunday 4') FROM dual;