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Oracle Database Consulting Service

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Oracle Based Solutions

 Delivering a high professional, tailored product to make your business better using the DADLC framework for small and medium size projects which includes:

Planning and Requirement Analysis

High Level Design/Analysis

Functional & Data Architecture Design

Developing the product

Testing the product

Deployment and maintenance

The main software tools are:

- Oracle 12c,11gR2,XE 11gR2

- Various data modelling tools

- PL/SQL and Oracle enhanced SQL

- OWB, ODI for ETL & data migration

- Java and C

- Oracle APEX 5 (front-end)

The special offer is development with free Oracle products XE 11gR2 RDBMS + Oracle APEX is the optimal way for complete small applications delivery.

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Integrated Approach

If you need to change or fix the database application due:

    new (changed) business requirements

    low performance

    unreliable functioning

    high cost of support

    low quality/absence of documentation

 or anything else

 It is provided through a tough integration of analysis, check and improvement of:

- Database design

- Server PL/SQL design & coding

- Data quality itself

- Robust & resilient database running

to resolve the issues and problems entirely

Applying changes are always properly adapted and integrated into your existing data processing. They are delivered with three months warranty w/o additional cost

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Mastery of Design

Database is a backbone of the enterprise data asset, the most valuable asset of the business.  Follow the concept of Database Quality a complete Database Life Cycle is provided as part of the DADLC framework or as a separate job for the database only.

Having experience with a number of data modelling tools and employing the latest data modelling theory recommendations and methods a strict engineering approach is applied to create a proper, tailored and self-documented database design including metadata reports, ERD diagrams and generated DDL scripts.

The delivered physical design uses all Oracle up-to-date modern features.

The best Oracle practices and tools are used for your database tuning  to get the best database performance and provide running smoothly.

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